Fatt Max

Mark “Fatt Max” Hill is a born and bred London lad who has been making noise since all his life, and is doing it a lot louder since emigrating to New Zealand in 1998.

He has played in bands spanning across many styles of music, playing numerous instruments from guitar to bass to drums to keyboards, anything capable of making a rhythm or tune. After leaving the UK in 1998 he reverted back to his roots music, that being the blues. It was blues music that taught him the basics of guitar and also just how therapeutic and truthful music is:

“Blues music has been my influence for as long as I can remember. To me it is more than a genre or a category, it’s a way of life, an expression of all emotions no matter what the circumstances. Blues music in itself holds the key to what makes me tick.”

He also makes and plays his own guitars from scrap and recycled items such as cigar boxes, food tins, hubcaps and licence plates just to name a few. These instruments celebrate the early days of the blues when the only way to be heard is through an instrument you made yourself, the ultimate self sufficient way of music.

Blues is celebrated even further in his life by way of hosting two radio shows a month for the Blues Room on FreeFM 89.0 (Digging Deeper and A Belly Fulla Blues)

In 2015 he visited the city of New Orleans and was immediately captivated by the mood, spirit and vibe of the place, it has become his spiritual home and is a source of inspiration for his music.

Check out the music and everything else at www.markhillmusic.co.nz