Blue Veinz

BLUE VEINZ are a Blues style evolving band grounded in the Blues albeit with funked up beats, rhythmic driving standards and soulful ballads.

This is an adventurous band who delight in making music, rather than letting themselves be pigeon-holed into an atypical blues band genre.

Pushing their music in new and different directions, but never venturing too far from their roots or the foundations of their inspiration.

They have travelled frequently Nationally and Internationally over the years and regular band members include Marco Perry & Johnny Keating on guitars, Darren Ahern on vocals rounded out by the rock-solid rhythm section of Mana Rauhina on bass and Nigel Bateman on drums.

Their individual Band bio’s & recording work read like a multi-faceted rap sheet loaded with musical adventure, mis-adventure and diversity.

BLUE VEINZ offer up a Blues vibe that’s about musicians, the music, people enjoying themselves and just an overall great time, a perfect band for any fan of modern blues.