Two Bluesy Blondes

Same hair colour, different blues styles:
Forged from a love of hair and blues, Two Bluesy Blondes brings you the ultimate Jazz Blues singer Erna Ferry and her energetic, rocky sidekick Julie Lamb.

These guys are funny, frightfully good, and boast a stellar band of wonderful groovers.

“Two acclaimed vocalists brought together for high-energy blues” says Stephen Fisher. “The idea of bringing together both Palmerston North’s supreme jazz vocalist Erna Ferry and Wellington’s much-acclaimed singer-songwriter Julie Lamb for a night of passionate blues was indeed inspired, allowing these two vocalists to fully relax into their programme of covers of blues classics, creating an unforgettable night.”

The line up is Erna Ferry, vocals and harmonica; Julie Lamb, vocals and bad jokes; Andrew Richardson, drums; Callum Hazlitt-Black, bass; Pieter Bos, keys; Deane Hunter, guitar; Andrew Clouston, sax.