Laura Collins & The Back Porch Blues Band

Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band are dynamic, masterful and all about entertainment. Laura, with high energy, cheek and vocal strength moves between ballsy blues and soulful ballads, making them her own. She gives her band licence to shine and shine they do, Wayne Mason, master of boogie ‘burning it up’ on the keys, John O’Connor ‘eating it up’ on lead guitar, never self-indulgent – just soulful and astonishing, George Barris on warm upright bass and Pete Cogswell on back porch drums ‘putting the car in drive’.

This band is a combination of ‘old hands’ who have been making music a long time, absolutely revelling in the playing.  A night out with Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band is a joyful celebration of why we would ‘keep the music live’.