JT and the Saxman with Koltrain

JT and the Saxman will be joined by Koltrain at this year's festival.

Andrew SAXMAN Dixon and John Tuala have been on the local Auckland scene from 2015. The two musicians have known each other since the early 90's and after a chance re-connection formed their duo and secured a resident gig at Jack Tar after the formation. The unique sound and music style suited the Jack Tar client base and seeing the duo perform at other venues, functions and Festivals using Jack Tar as a base.

Koltrain's roots started in Country Music  under the name of Muddy River.

In 2017 after the passing of leading member Richard Tahu...The Te Paa Brothers, Richard,  Arbie and Chadd re-branded the band's name to Koltrain to present a diversification into other music genres that they are passionate about including Blues, Jazz, RocknRoll, Rock, Reggae, RnB, Soul and Funk to name a few.

Richard and Chadd will be collaborating with the great Jazz, Blues, Soul, Funk artists JT & The Saxman for a great sound at the festival.