Wizard & Oz

Andrew Farrell grew up in the southern suburbs of Melbourne and started piano lessons at the age of eight. He studied classical music for many years and then after hearing some boogie woogie thought that it might be fun to play. He then set about playing every style of music that appealed to him, which gave him a wide and varied arsenal of tunes.

David McMillan spent his early years in London and Surrey. He was given a small guitar when he was four and eventually found that not only could it be used as a cricket bat, but also to make music. He played solo guitar until he was fifteen and then some one asked if he could sing. He found that he could, and then started digesting all kinds of music.

Both Andrew and David moved to the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, where they both were playing solo gigs, they met in 1986 and have been making music together ever since.