Shimian was formed as a band 19 years ago, starting off as a three piece acoustic guitar and vocal group. Founding members were Jim Wood, Shelley Martin and Ian Anderson.   The name Shimian is cleverly made from sections of each of their Christian names – Shelley jIM IAN! 

It’s fair to say the sound has evolved somewhat with the talented Regan Bell joining the band. The dynamic and diverse sounds of Shimian will still be enjoyed again at this year’s festival with a slight punchy twist – it’s electric guitars all the way baby!

The much loved familiar covers and originals Shimian has become known for will still be featured.  Being electric allows Shelley to include a little more of her much loved blues rock. Let’s just add Tracey loves to drum a bit of blues rock too!  Brendon enjoys it all – as expected from the bass player, and Regan you’ll have to see for yourself (amazing just quietly).  

Members of Shimian:

Shelley Martin: Front Lady/Rhythm Guitar

Tracey Deane:  Drums/backing vocals

Regan Bell: Lead Guitar/vocals

Brendon Heathcote: Bass/backing vocals

Join Shimian this year at their sets and you’ll be sure to go back for more!